LIFT the structured incubator program

Where we nurture crypto innovation through numerous strategic advancements. LIFT helps you connect with your tribe, linking you to mentorship, business support and investments


To ensure quality and flow of the projects we incubate the first step is to go through a rigorous research process. Intakes will benefit a competitor analysis, marketing plan, value proposition and a calibrated market entry strategy.

Community Building

It’s no secret that a strong community is essential for the success of a start-up. Crypto Excellence has a uniquely strong community boasting over 4000 compatriots ready to support your project. During LIFT you will be given the chance to receive feedback and onboard ambassadors from our community. As part of LIFT you will be introduced to numerous partner communities and projects to further establish a powerful backing


During this stage our team will assist you in fine tuning the development phase with code analysis, token metrics, connection to influencers and exploring partnership synergies.


The Incubation program concludes with an IDO on our crowdfunding platform LIFT. IDO participants will need to hold CE tokens to participate in the IDO. The longer they hold or stake CE the greater the chances of winning the lottery ticket needed to participate in the IDO